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Civil Aviation Authority: 400ft Britain


Drone owners have no idea that there is something called a ‘Drone Code’, which means safety and irresponsible use of drones is becoming an annoying priority for the CAA.


Celebrate don’t castigate – change consumer behaviour positively by celebrating rather than criticising drone use.


400ft Britain – collaborating with VisitEngland, we created a drone photography and videography competition that creatively brought the Dronecode to life.

The best of the video and stills from entries were shared through social, digital and traditional media channels. The content was supported by endorsement and support from the aviation and drone industries.

Social Impact

1,200 competition entries - over double the expected amount
5,000 individual social posts responding to #400ftBritain

Media Impact

Media Impact
70 pieces of coverage, including 15 nationals
100% message penetration

Business Impact

Business Impact
1-in-6 Within 6 months, the campaign raised awareness of the Dronecode among the public from 1-in-9 to 1-in-6
15% drop in public perception of drones as 'dangerous'
14% drop in public perception of drones as 'unregulated'