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Peroni Nastro Azzurro: The House of Peroni


How do you continue charging £6 a pint?


A life lived in Italian style – build aspiration and desire by defining Peroni as a modern style brand.


The House of Peroni – an immersive experience designed for trendsetters and urbanites importing Italian creative culture to the UK.

Having created over seven unique residencies, Peroni has now achieved its highest ever brand scores. The House of Peroni has become a property in itself, it is considered a gold standard category activation, and it has been duplicated across global markets. This year, The House of Peroni has evolved into an immersive experience blending virtual reality, art and of course, Peroni Nastro Azzurro. See here for more.

Social Impact

3,000+ earned twitter mentions
400k+ facebook fans added
150% growth across Twitter
2,500+ earned instagram posts

Media Impact

Media Impact
2,600 pieces of coverage with over 5 billion impressions in premium lifestyle publications
50,000+ key media, influencers & urbanites guests have visited the house

Business Impact

Business Impact
#1 in UK Highest ever brand scores; maintained position as UK's #1 premium beer brand
9% uplift in sales
1.6M website visits since April 2015