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.@TimCampbell_ "We spend most of our lives at work: we must be passionate about it" That's why we're… https://t.co/e4OJGfez5F

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"Be yourself, everyone else is an idiot" Not worrying about being accepted will make you more confident.… https://t.co/VDFwkAir5Z

"Do first, apologise second" @thepooluk founder @SamBaker on entrepreneurial spirit @WACL1 #Gather2017 https://t.co/ydIr2cQiS1

From child refugee to tech entrepreneur, triumphing in an era of sexism. A standing ovation for @DameStephanie_ at… https://t.co/GvPMHJo10V

"Don't forget you. That's what makes you special - it's how you're going to thrive" @Snapchat's 'bolshy' Claire Bal… https://t.co/cx3Tvi9stk

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And that's a wrap! An inspiring, empowering day at @WACL1 #Gather2017 comes to an end. https://t.co/qYwVxwkIgZ

This afternoon's industry expert panel remind leaders that they must act to achieve gender equality. #Gather2017… https://t.co/ScJgH138vH